Here is a Clue on the New Charger’s Jersey

You heard it here first and I am willing to bet everything on it. I have never been more sure about anything EVER. This is fact! Let me tell you why.

Earlier today, I posted an article talking about what to expect with the Charger’s new uniforms and Charger fans were definitely interested. It was my most successful article by far. I have never had so many readers by so many fans in such a short period of time. It was definitely a large topic of conversation in the facebook groups. In the comments section of this particular facebook post, a man commented stating that there was a hint on the Sofi Website. I will not reveal the mans name for privacy reasons, but I will explain why I believe this to be fact! Here is the comment that he so graciously left.

The first comment states to look at the SOFI Stadium website to stumble upon a clue. Obviously, I scoured the website in search of this potential clue and after about an hour searching, I was ready to give up. As I was about to leave, I clicked on the Charger’s seating link in the drop down menu as a final farewell and I stumbled across a very subtle, easy to overlook clue. Its not much, but it caught my eye. When you click on the link, there is a very quick yellow flash which turns to blue almost immediately after. There is was! YELLOW! Then it dawned on me. (Here is a quick snapshot of the clue)

While it doesn’t seem like much, it got me thinking, but I needed to find out more. I didn’t trust this easy to overlook detail. And yes, he even states “yellow” is coming in the comment below that. “Not only that, If you have been to Carson, yellow is coming.” My thought now becomes, is he credable? Who is this guy dropping this hint? So I did what any natural stalker would do. I googled him and what did I find?


This man, who I will leave nameless, works for a clothing company. Not just any clothing company, but a linen company. He is the Executive Service Manager of this linen company. Apex Linen specializes in commercial dry cleaning, which looking at the timeline, fits perfectly with what should be a big reveal. This is the company handling the jerseys and this man who left this comment must has actually seen the jerseys himself. So what does all this mean?

Yellow will play a more dominant role in the color scheme. If I had to guess, Powder Blue will still be the primary color, but from what we have seen, the navy looks to be fading away. So you can definitely expect Powder Blue, but what about the alternate jersey? I am willing to bet anyone that a yellow jersey is coming, as either the alternate jersey or as a potential color rush, maybe similar to the Seahawk’s green color rush. It makes a ton of sense when you are looking at the new logo, which has completely gone away from the navy color. How does that new bolt on the helmet fit with a navy uniform? It doesn’t, which means that their alternate jersey has to be yellow, with powder blue accents. You can also expect there to be a yellow pant combination coming as well.

You heard it here first, and while I don’t have a definitive picture to show, this is the closest thing to a leak that you will find. The Chargers always seem to keep tight lipped, but I believe I stumbled onto something of interest. I can’t wait to be right about this. Bolt Up!

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