Chargers Third Round Targets: Running-backs


Clyde Edwards-Helaire – Running-back – LSU Tigers

Justin Tafoya/Getty Images

Clyde Edwards-Helaire really reminds me of Maurice Jones-Drew. Both players play bigger than their size, both have tremendous balance and both players last names are hyphenated. Helaire may only stand 5’7, but he has a stocky frame that is surprisingly powerful and can handle 20+ carries a game. He makes sharpe cuts, displays great vision and is very creative in the open field. He will be an asset in the passing game, with strong hands. He should stick to passes out of the back field, though he could split out wide on occasion. Helaire could play as a goal line back if asked. Not many players at 5’7 will be able to say that, but he packs a mean punch. Not the fastest player in the draft, but he isn’t really a home run hitter type of player either. Helaire should be the 4th back off the board, though I expect him to go right behind the big three running-backs in this class. The hope is that he falls to the third round.

Zach Moss – Running-back – Utah Utes

(Photo by Chris Gardner/Getty Images)

Utah put the ball in Zach Moss’s hands early and often. He rewarded his team with over 1400 yards on 235 attempts, good for 6.0 yards per carry. He added 15 touchdowns to round out a great year for the back. He is not the fastest player at his position, but he is a strong, sturdy, reliable player between the tackles. He has decent lateral quickness and can side-step would be tackles. He’s been rather productive dropping the shoulder and providing the boom to get extra yardage and has a mean stiff arm as well. Low man wins and Moss is already shorter in stature. He can catch the ball out of the backfield reliably if asked. Moss should be kept between the tackles, because he doesn’t have the foot speed to turn the edge and go. Moss will get plenty of touches his rookie year and should reward the team that gives them. A good comparison might be Jordan Howard.


Cam Akers – Runningback – Florida State Seminoles

(Photo: USA TODAY Sports)

Cam Akers efforts go overlooked, as the sole player for Florida State helping that made that offense move. His foot speed is fast, but he wasn’t given many opportunities with the Seminole offensive line. He was asked to make a lot of players miss in the backfield. He’s a strong ball carrier who falls forward for positive yardage. Arm tackles don’t bring him down. He’s got great vision and is able to get skinny when he needs to. He catches the ball pretty well out of the back field and could split out wide also. He’s an above average pass protector and players tend to be surprised with the power he has at stopping blitzers. He has played through injuries and is incredibly tough.

AJ Dillion – Running-back – Boston College Eagles

(AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

I am one of the few who believes AJ Dillion should be drafted in the third round, considering I’ve seen him drafted as far as the fifth round, I believe what he does best is something that isn’t seen very often. It is hard to find a player who is over 250 pounds and runs in the 4.5 forty yard dash times. That speed doesn’t really translate to the field, considering he won’t likely break many long runs, but he will average over 4.0 YPC between the tackles on a consistent basis. His linear speed should be enough to hit a home run if he finds a crease, just don’t expect it to occur very often. Play style will likely lead to injury concerns and wear and tear issues, but your drafting him to put a beat down. Leading vertical and broad jump combine stats shows his explosiveness. Dillion will draw comparisons to Derrick Henry and should provide similar production.

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