Chargers Day Three Targets: Wide Receiver


Donovan Peoples-Jones – Wide Receiver – Michigan Wolverines

Mike Mulholland |

DPJ has the size to play outside and is a leaper who tested the highest in vertical (44.5 inches) and the broad jump (139 inches). Has the speed to test defenses deep. He doesn’t have the agility out of breaks to separate and has troubles beating press. Will win jump balls and does a decent job tracking to the highest point. Has solid hands and bailed out Shea Patterson many times on miss-placed throws. Was the top receiver in his recruitment class, but never lived up to the hype and didn’t have any consistency in college and doesn’t have stats that jump out. Was a reliable punt returner and makes defenders pay for bad angles. Never had a game with over 100 yards and didn’t have much volume for receptions. You’re banking on him rebounding in the pros, but level of competition is only going to increase. Likely found in the forth round.

Antonio Gibson – Running-back/ Wide Receiver – Memphis Tigers

(AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

I am a big fan of Antonio Gibson. He has sub 4.4 speed and is surprisingly strong, with great size at 6’0, 228 pounds. He played primarily at wide receiver, but made a move to running-back mid-season, and that is where I see him at the next level. The gadget player should demand to be used in a variety of ways, whether that be in designed screens, lined up in the slot, end arounds or retuning kicks. He could even be used on kick coverage. As a receiver, he isn’t the best route runner and relies on athleticism to make plays. He is extremely dangerous with the ball in his hands and could break one any play. . He doesn’t have a ton of tape and is sort of a 1-year hit wonder, which should make clubs ease up on the hype. I don’t see a team taking a chance until day three.


Collin Johnson – Wide Receiver – Texas Longhorns

Lucas Deluca | Staff Photographer

There are not many 6’6 wide receivers and as you can expect, big guys are not known for being great route runners. He is going to out muscle smaller corners and his frame makes him difficult to cover. He can be crafty using his head to mislead defenders on his routes, but he doesn’t always capitalize and corners will be able to recover. He had a big dip in production and took a support role to Devin Duvernay, who had a breakout year. He struggles to find separation and it won’t get easier. He is a fitness guy and could possibly bulk up to play tight end at the next level. He is a beast in the run, so your hoping to put that to use. He will be limited to an outside role if he stays at receiver. I have him as a day 3 pick.

Van Jefferson – Wide Receiver – Florida Gators

I really only have Jefferson on this list, because I was asked to scout him, but I was not impressed. He has great size and he is a better route runner then many give him credit for. The issue is he doesn’t run hard every play, especially when he knows the play is on the opposite side of the field. He is a body catcher and will let the ball bounce off his chest. He isn’t very explosive off the line of scrimmage, though he has some agility at his disposal. He will have issues getting off press with aggressive corners. Lack of production in college can be attributed to bad quarterback play, but he didn’t do his part to bail anyone out either. His father is an NFL position coach, so he has the pedigree. I think he falls late in the draft.

KJ Hill – Wide Receiver – Ohio State Buckeyes

Credit: Joshua A. Bickel

Usually, the saying goes speed kills, but KJ kills them with agility. He is not extremely fast, but he is shifty. He doesn’t break many tackles, but he doesn’t need to if you don’t touch him. He is a very technique driven route-runner underneath. He catches with his body all to often and doesn’t have the hands to battle contested touches. If play isn’t his way, he gets lazy. If ball is his way, he is a willing blocker, though he is limited by his size. He plays faster on film than he tested at the combine. I think he could be a contributor to a team, but his touches were scheme driven. He is going to be used as a possession receiver, but with some RAC ability to gain extra yards. Just don’t expect him to be a home run, track-type guy.

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