Ok, It is time to get excited about our NEW FRANCHISE QUARTERBACK!!!

I will be honest, my heart was set on Tua Tagovailoa. It is what is is, but let’s not pretend like Justin Herbert is not deserving of being picked where he was. Herbert might have the strongest arm of any player drafted in the past few years. He doesn’t turn the ball over, and he has traits that leaves teams drooling. Justin Herbert is a football player who is going to have an amazing career and he will have more weapons in Los Angeles than he ever had in Eugene. The Chargers got a Pro-Bowl caliber player ,who will be able to compete for a starter position right away. While Tyrod is expected to start right away, do not sleep on Justin Herbert as a day-one starter

Why Should you be excited about Oregon Quarterback Just Herbert?

The first thing that comes to mind is arm strength. Yes, his arm strength is out of this world powerful. It can also be deadly accurate during stretches, though it can also disappear. For a player who measures in at 6’6, 236 pounds, he is surprisingly athletic also. Proof is the sub 4.7 forty-yard dash time and his 3 rushing touchdowns against a really good Wisconsin front. Herbert played behind one of the best offensive lines and he wasn’t asked to improvise that much, but the ability is there. He can also be a dynamic player on zone-read options.

Herbert is really a Tom Telesco type-of-guy. When I think of Herbert, he really is a high character kid. He stayed extremely humble through the whole scouting process. He stayed in college to play with his younger brother for a year and to try and bring the Oregon program full circle. (more on that in a bit) One thing about Telesco is that he does not deal with players with character concerns. Herbert is a very quiet player, who leads more by example, than being vocal. As a rookie, you want a player who you can mold into what you envision, and Herbert is extremely moldable.

Lastly, and more importantly, Herbert is a grinder through and through. While Herbert was only a 3-star prospect, he did not have a ton of college offers, though it didn’t matter really. Herbert grew up in Eugene an Oregon Duck fan and there was never any doubt where he was going to play. Most will remember Oregon as a top college program with players like Dennis Dixon, D’Anthony Thomas, LaMichael James, Jeff Maehl and Josh Huff. Under Chip Kelly, Oregon was a top destination for top high school recruits and was known for pushing out NFL talent year after year. That is not what Herbert inherited.

When Herbert arrived, he took over a team depleted of NFL talent. Outside of Royce Freeman, there was not a single offensive player that could stick to an NFL practice squad. Herbert would take a 4-8 Oregon football team in 2016 to a 12-2 Rose Bowl Champion in 2019. He had a great offensive line his senior year, but it took time to be built. He never had the offensive weapons like Joe Burrow or Tua Tagovailoa did. His best receivers, Johnny Johnson and Juwan Johnson, are projected as day-3 receiving talents. Over 4 years, he helped improve the Oregon offense each year and built a winning culture back up from nothing. He is all grind!

Not all were happy will Herbert as the Chargers pick, but there are believers out there. Heres a bit from Chargers Twitter:

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