How the Los Angeles Chargers Beat the Kansas City Chiefs

It is no secret that the Kansas City Chiefs have the most explosive offense in the entire NFL. Lead by the NFL’s only $500 Million Dollar man, the key to beating the Chiefs lands squarely on beating Patrick Mahomes. The Chargers have kept their games against the Chiefs close and Patrick Mahomes has had his worst games in his short career against the Chargers. That said, the Chargers have only beat the Chiefs once since 2014. Here is the formula to beating the Chiefs:

Control the Clock

If the Chargers try to get into a scoring match with the Chiefs, this game will end in a Blow Out! To beat the Chiefs, the Chargers have to keep the Chiefs’ offense off the field. The best way to do that is to keep the ball on the ground and prevent turnovers. With Tyrod Taylor under center, it is possible to have success using read options, getting playmakers the ball in space and letting Joshua Kelley run the ball between the tackles. If the Chargers are forced to play from behind, this will force the Chargers to throw more often then they need to. The strength of this offense is not through the air.

Get Pressure on Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes will take shots deep and he will give the Chargers opportunities for turnovers. The Chargers have to get pressure on Mahomes and keep him inside the pocket. Mahomes is at his best when he can get off script and find his many weapons when the defense is forced to cover receivers during long plays. Kenneth Murray as a Spy will help shorten the time Mahomes has during plays like this. The Chargers many playmakers in the secondary to compete with the Chiefs receivers, but it starts by having pass rushers get in Mahomes face and forcing him to throw the ball before he wants too. Take-aways are needed in this game.

Dont Let Andy Reid Fool You

Make no mistake that Andy Reid is one of the most dynamic coaches in the NFL. The Chiefs play-calling is one of the many things that makes them dangerous. It allows them to keep the defenses on edge and off balance. If the Chargers do not stay true to their responsibilities on defense, it will lead to chunk plays. They can counter offensive play-calling with defensive play calling that includes creative blitz’s. Giving the Chiefs something they are not used to with aggressive defensive play-calling can lead to success.

One thought on “How the Los Angeles Chargers Beat the Kansas City Chiefs

  1. Love love love this article! Right on point, Chargers didn’t lose this game, KC won, bottom line. Chargers looked more like defending super bowl champs!


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