Excited for A Chargers/Rams Hard Knocks? Not so Fast!

As exciting as it may to hold a 2-team Hard Knocks season, everyone is forgetting a very important detail. There is no guarantee that there will even be a hard knocks. It is April and we are just a few short months away from OTA’s, Rookie Mini-Camp, Training Camp and the NFL Pre-season. But the nation is still under extreme social distancing until at least April 30th and potentially longer.

Just a week ago, President Trump met with the Commissioners of most every major sports league to talk about the effects COVID-19 would have on each sport. Trump believes the NFL Season will be starting on time with fans in seats and without any delays come September, but he’s not taking into account the time it takes for these players to get ready. July is right around the corner and COVID-19 seems to be a growing issue, not one that is slowing down.


California’s Governor, Gavin Newsome, does not expect his state to allow any stadiums to open, especially with California being one of the states with the most cases right now. The NFL will not start until every team feels comfortable and every state allows for social activities to resume. Practice is going to resume when all this social distancing has come under control and it looks like we are still a ways from anything like that.

The likelyhood of the NFL starting on time is already in question, and that’s without a preseason occurring. Hard Knocks will likely have a hard time covering what might not occur. A possibility exists where they cover the teams into the season, similar to what many teams have been doing, but the time they will get with players who are focused on game days won’t be quite what many fans will be hoping for. It will be interesting to see how these next few months play out.

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