Chargers Third Round Targets: Defense


Raekwon Davis – Defensive Tackle – Alabama Crimson Tide

Davis has the talent to go much higher than this, but I am not taking him before the third round. He has the size and strength to anchor down and take on double teams. Not the most athletic player at his size and will likely be a two down player who comes off on passing downs. Productivity has somehow taken a dip each year, though statistics as a NT are often not nearly as important as they seem. Off-field issues are troublesome, which include academic issues, and a gunshot wound, which could have been self-inflicted according to police reports. Classic case of extremely talented player who will likely drop with off-field issues. Tom Telesco usually takes players like this completely off his draft board, but there is value here.

Logan Wilson – Linebacker – Wyoming Cowboys

Logan Wilson has great size and some instincts that just can’t be taught. He is a strong tackler, though will have some issues in open field. His technique as a tackler is a major plus. He is quick to react and plug the hole in a hurry. He is more of a power player than finesse, but he flashes athleticism every now and then. He understands zone concepts, both against the run and dropping in coverage and plays both well. Wilson’s head is always on a swivel which helps him stay aware of his surroundings. Able to rush the A gap, but is at his best sitting sitting, reading and reacting. His defensive stats are really impressive with over 400 tackles in 4 years. Could honestly see him drafted early second, but he’s been mocked in the third.


Troy Dye – Linebacker – Oregon Ducks

Troy Dye is one of the more athletic interior defenders this class has to offer. He will need to gain weight to continue to play in the middle or can move to Will and play off in coverage where he could excel. He’s not strong enough right now to take blocks and re-route the play, get off them easily by keeping blockers off his chest. He played all 4 years and has nearly 400 tackles to his resume. He has great closing speed. Doesn’t offer a ton of ability to blitz and might play better as a coverage linebacker. He will get lost in traffic. Hands tackling will need to be coached out. Could be a quality starter found in the third round.

Troy Pride Jr. – Cornerback – Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Troy Pride really shot up draft boards during the week of the senior bowl and he might have done enough at the combine to even squeeze into the later parts of the second round. He is a very patient player and very disciplined in coverage. He is a quick twitch guy who doesn’t have the height or leg muscle to battle on jump balls. He plays well in press and stays sticky to his man. He played more man then zone, but shouldn’t have issues in either coverage. Likely to play more outside based on what he did for note dame. He could challenge #2 corners for a starting spot from day one.

Cameron Dantzler – Cornerback – Mississippi State Bulldogs

Cameron Dantzler has a breakout year in 2018 where he came away with 9 interceptions. He is going to drop for a slow forty time, where he ran a measly 4.64. Speed concerns might make him more suited for a laying primarily zone. I am not entirely sure if it was medical related that led to the slow forty time. Tape shows the ability to close when beat, so it’s anyone’s guess how fast he really is. Ball skills are a major plus and he has a tall lanky build to battle with all receivers. Played more sideways and will need to work on his back peddle. Has traits that you love, and tape look great, so I am excited to see where he lands. Could drop to the forth round for testing at the combine. Would be a great fit in Gus Bradley’s defense.

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